Offering solutions good for your production and operation, and good for the environment, for your wood-, waste-, or biomass-fired energy systems, and thermal oil or steam boilers. 

Engineering Solutions

  • General system improvements and modernization

  • Capacity upgrades and improvements

  • Thermal oil system modifications and upgrades

  • New system integration support

  • System repairs and replacements

  • Flue gas recirculation systems

  • Mact compliance and press exhaust handling system

Process Optimization and Repair
  • Onsite tuning, troubleshooting, operator training, and operational review to maximize system thermal output and performance

  • Solving operational problems such as:

       o   Combustion optimization
       o   Excessive slagging
       o   Heater fouling
       o   Hot gas spark carryover
       o   Optimize furnace/dryer/secondary loop controls
       o   And others

  • Controls improvements

  • Thermal oil heater design, replacement, and supervision



With many years of proven experience in wood-and waste-fired combustion applications, and energy recovery, Wechsler Engineering can find the best solution for your needs.


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