Thermal Oil Safety Review Program

Thermal Oil Safety Review Program

Our specialization in Thermal Oil gives us the distinct advantage in surveying Thermal Oil Systems for safety and code compliance related issues. Our in-depth review has decades of hands-on experience and engineering design power as a foundation.

The program is comprehensive and consists of the following elements:

Design Review | Operational Review | System Inspection | Fire Protection System Review | Thermal Oil Safety Interlock Review | Audit Report

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Design Review • P&ID’s • Previous Inspection Reports • O&M Manuals

System Inspection • Control Room • Thermal oil heater(s) • Safety valves • Furnace/burner • Primary & emergency pumps • Expansion tank, thermal buffer, drain tank • Piping systems - valves, isolation valves, control valves • Instrumentation • Secondary loops - press pump room (excluding press are itself), and other secondary loops • Steam generator loops • Dust buildup on equipment • Any other observed potential hazards

Operational Review • Interview operators • Operator logs • SOP’s emergency procedures • Emergency Pump test log • Thermal Oil test log • Tube thickness test log review

Thermal Oil Safety Interlock Review • Interlock design revised for compliance • Interlock function reviewed for safety • Setpoints reviewed for correctness • Recommendations documented in a formal report with specific code references for comprehension

Fire Protection System Review • Design review and visual inspection • Review of written fire response procedures • Review of PM procedures • Review of PM logs Additionally for the general fire protection in pump rooms and heater areas, a general review of ambient fire protection systems.

Audit Report A complete independent report will be submitted following the review with executive summary of findings, detailed review findings, and action items. The report will also identify if further SOP, PM, and training needs to be performed.

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