Energy Assessments: The Wechsler Way

Our energy assessments take an in-depth study approach to your system energy cycles. By analyzing the supplier and consumer data and operational concepts, an improvement plan is engineered with expertise.

Energy Assessments

Why our programs work:

  1. Energy transfer is physics and we have the tools to analyze any heat source.

  2. Temperatures aren't even half of the story. True thermal mass calculations reveal more characteristics in our analysis than a simple set-point adjustment.

  3. The human element in any process plays an important part. Procedural analysis is essential in creating the solution foundation.

  4. New equipment is not always the answer to a problem. Our energy audit program digs into the real performance curves of the existing equipment to shed light on your current maximum capacities.

  5. The facility is a complex machine with many moving parts. Driving the whole machine to peak performance is the primary goal, not just a single work center.

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