Boiler and Thermal Oil Operations Training Sessions

Did you know...

Wechsler offers customized training sessions and manuals!

With years of proven industry experience, Wechsler Engineering has created customizable training programs and manuals to help your employees be as efficient and safe as possible. We offer training sessions to meet any industrial need including; operations, maintenance, troubleshooting, special process control techniques, and civil code requirements.

Customized to each individual facility, the broad-spectrum training program will bring your operators and maintenance personnel knowledge factors to a new level. Topics include:

Training Session

Boiler Operations:

  1. Heat Source

  2. MACT

  3. Fuels and Ash Analysis

  4. Boiler Efficiency

  5. General Operation

Thermal Oil Operations:

  1. The Energy Plant

  2. Thermal Oil System

  3. Upset Conditions

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