Thermal Oil Pump skids (2)



Burner Tuning

  • MACT compliance burner inspections and tuning

  • Completion includes federally compliant documentation

  • High level review of existing system and corrective action recommendations

  • On-site tuning to maximize system thermal output and performance:

  • Solid fuels such as wood, natural gas, waste gas, or oil-fired units

  • Flue gas analysis

  • Full report to cover tuning and any improvement recommendations 

Process Improvement
  • Troubleshooting and solving operational problems such as:

        – Combustion Optimization

        – Slagging and fouling

        – Hot gas spark carryover

        – And others

  • Control Systems

        – PLC program modification

        – PID Tuning

        – Field devices

  • Root cause analysis:

        – Full documentation

        – Recommended corrective actions

        – Prevention focused

Engineering Evaluation

Customized per request, we have the ability to conduct an evaluation of your plant process to any extent requested. As shallow or deep as needed for the specific goal, our experience in the areas listed below give us the ability to be the quick unbiased opinion needed.


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