The cost and source of fossil fuels continue to rise amid growing concerns over their environmental impacts. Let our expertise help you find a solution for renewable energy production. 

Expertise with:

  • Woody biomass (Corrected spelling on this one)

  • By-products from wood remanufacturing

  • Residues from forest industries, forest floor

  • Agricultural residues and waste products

  • Municipal and industrial wastes

  • Wood dust and shavings

  • Pellets and pellet production

Expertise in:
  • Biomass power generation

  • Steam boilers for power generation

  • Steam turbine power generation with or without process steam

  • ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) for lower temperature heat sources

  • CHP systems

  • Cogeneration systems

  • Conventional and low temperature drying for pellet production

  • System energy audits and troubleshooting

  • Performance evaluation and improvements

  • Process tuning for optimum performance

With many years of proven experience in wood-and waste-fired combustion applications, and energy recovery, Wechsler Engineering can find the best solution for your needs.


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