About Us

Unlike general engineering firms, Wechsler is a team of specialists with deep experience optimizing the interrelated components of energy, production processes, safety and environment. We’re on-site, hands-on experts, applying comprehensive engineering to the design and execution of solutions.


While our capabilities apply to a range of environments and clients,

our focus is on four industries:

Panelboard  •  Wood products  •  Pulp & paper  •  Biomass power & fuels

What further distinguishes Wechsler is this simple and sincere commitment:

We approach every challenge with a resolve to identify the greatest possible return on investment.

Because we’re specialists, we will identify more viable options than those offered by generalists or equipment manufacturers. And our depth of expertise allows us to customize the solutions we propose, right down to a specially designed component.


The specialists at Wechsler Engineering have deep expertise in providing engineering and consulting for thermal heat systems in industrial environments. The team has designed and built components to solve specific problems for many clients.

Tom Wechsler


Thirty years’ experience in combustion, air pollution controls and energy recovery (steam/oil/hot gas), combustion and related air pollution controls fields in process design and development.

Arne Hogberg

VP of Service


 Thirty-four years of field and project management experience with biomass combustion, boilers, thermal oil systems, and solid fuel handling systems, as well as plant commissioning, thermal oil safety audits, operator training. 



Wechsler has a long standing relationship with some of the best talent in the industry.

We patronize and rely on professional associations with many quality partners such as:


Wechsler Technologies