Specialization. To your advantage.

Many of the challenges that confront you in your plant operations are best addressed by specialists.


That’s because deeper expertise brings more options and better solutions. Specialization increases certainty.


Wechsler Engineering brings this depth of knowledge to optimize combustion, energy, and production processes for a select group of industries.


We’re specialists who use a highly practical and collaborative approach to solve complex engineering problems — primarily for energy supply, process heating and thermal oil systems.

WECHSLER TECHNOLOGIES provides equipment and components that optimize the safety and efficiency of process heating in industrial environments and works closely with Wechsler Engineering. 


Engineering Specialization Areas

Thermal fluid systems 

Solutions to complex engineering problems — primarily for energy supply, process heating & thermal fluid systems.

Drying systems 

OSB & particleboard rotary dryers
Flash tube

Lumber kilns

Electrical and processing  

System support for electrical and processing equipment. 

Wet scrubbers 

Wet scrubber improvements for air pollution control.

Energy combustion 

Biomass, stoker/grates/all types
Natural gas & fossil fuels




Wechsler Engineering 

Emergency Contact

Arne Hogberg: 678-549-8493

International Headquarters

114 New Street., Suite i-1

Decatur, GA 30030

Wechsler Consulting Canada, ULC

Suite 101, 116 Third Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2G 5A9

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